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  • Peek in the House of Roos van Rij

    This time we took a Peek in the House of Amsterdam based creative Roos van Rij! Rose is a photographer and co creative director mostly known for the brand; The Lovers & Drifters Club. She travels a lot to LA & NY  for work, in her private life she likes to be surrounded by people …

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  • Peek in the house of Sanne Vogel

    For the third peek in the house we visited another actrice, this time it was Sanne Vogel her turn! It was a pleasure meeting Sanne and her two cats Mientje and Meneertje, two true characters. One of them prefers to stay in the garden, but Meneertje loves to go out and about to visit the whole …

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  • Peek in the house of Gaite Jansen

    We hope you enjoyed our first peek in the house of Bo Maerten. Now it’s time for the second peek in the house and this time we have visited the lovely Gaite Jansen, who is the newest addition to blg-shp. Gaite is a Dutch actrice who is living in a beautiful appartement in Amsterdam West. She is …

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